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Current Farm Report:


We are sold out of asparagus until Tuesday May 21.

Asparagus (5.00/lb) and Rhubarb (3.00/lb) are in season now. We are in a transitional year with our asparagus fields and are harvesting only about 8 lbs/day.  It is always a good idea to reserve your order before making the drive to the farm.  No flowers yet, but soon.


When Sue can find the time, she will be baking sourdough bread in our wood fired brick oven.  If you are interested, you can be added to the Oven Firing notification email list


Now you can stay at The PutmanPlace.  Our Big House is available through AirBnB.



   If you are interested in special event flowers for the 2019  season,   just call to make an appointment with Sue and we can start  planning.  We only accept one wedding/week and are not booking any additional weddings for the following 2019 dates: , June 9, July 27, August 3, August 24, September 7

Call: (814) 443-4529 or email


After several unprofitable blueberry seasons, we have decided to downsize our blueberry production. The “Blueberry List” of past years will no longer exist. Large quantities will not be available.


Rhubarb Patch


Big House on the little farm


Rustic White Sourdough 5.00/loaf


August Flowers


The Putman Place  is a 75 acre farm on the eastern side of the Laurel Mountain 1 miles  from Bakersville on the West Bakersville-Edie Road.  The farm is  managed by Sue Putman with the help of her husband, John Steele, the border collies, Liz, Lochy and Lucy, several summer employees as  well as visiting relatives and friends.


The Putman Place has been farmed by our family for five generations,  since the 1850s.  For the first one hundred years it was a traditional Somerset  County dairy farm with 10 to 20 milking cows, a few pigs,  a flock of chickens, and crop rotations of corn, oats and hay.  Later the dairy gave way to beef. In the 1970s we began  raising vegetables, strawberries, grapes, raspberries and other  fruits.



At the present time, we grow asparagus, rhubarb,  fresh flowers, fresh herbs, assorted garden vegetables, and blueberries.  We market them directly to our customers at the farm.  We are open from May through September, Tuesday through Saturday.  Our business hours are from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Tuesday through  Saturday. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.


   Asparagus(5.00/lb) is harvested in late April and  through mid-June, depending on the weather.  Wegather and sell about 2000 pounds of asparagus tips each year.  We  snap our asparagus when we harvest so the whole pound is tender. We  almost always "sell out" on the weekends so it's always a good idea to  order ahead so we can save it for you.

Rhubarb:(4.00/lb) Sold  only in May into the first part of June.  Great for pies, sauces (like apple sauce).    Traditionally the  first "fruit" of the season.


Blueberries (5.00/pt) start in early July. After 5 bad seasons in a row, we are downsizing the number of blueberry plants we have in production. The “Blueberry List “ of past years will not be used.  We will see what the season looks like and go from there. 

Cut Flowers: We have a large cutting garden of annual and perennial flowers and  herbs with over 100 varieties available throughout the season.  The flower season runs from mid June through September with a  possible week or two on either end (weather permitting). The plant varieties are selected by Ann and Sue and started in  our greenhouse in early spring.   Check out the Flower Tips page for  ideas on how to cut and handle fresh or dried flowers.


Fresh Herb Cutting Garden:  We  have a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs, sold by weight, you  can cut yourself or we will cut for you. Also, the herb garden is "open territory" for the cut flower  customers.   Many of our herbs also look great in fresh flower  arrangements.


From the east (Somerset):

 Exit 110 on PA Turnpike. Follow signs for Rt. 31 West, Take Rt. 31 West 6 miles to Bakersville, Turn Right at Exxon Station, Proceed 1/2 mile to the white church, turn Right 1.5 miles to Blueberry Lane (there is a sign for the Putman Place on  the left), Turn Left 1/2 mile, you're there.  Our parking lot is a lawn.   Just look for the red sales hut by  the gardens.


From the west (Donegal):

 Exit 91 on the PA Turnpike. Take Rt. 31 East (left turn from toll booth), over Laurel Mountain, Past Hidden Valley Resort to Bakersville (a very small town about 2.5  miles from the entrance to Hidden Valley Resort).  Turn left (sharp left) at the CoGo's Exxon station which is in  the village of Bakersville, 1/4 mile to a white church, turn right onto West Bakersville Edie  Rd and proceed  1.5 miles to Blueberry Lane (there is a sign for The Putman Place on  the left) turn left,  1/2 mile, you're there!   Our  parking lot looks like a lawn.  Just look for the red sales hut by  the gardens.


From the north (Johnstown):

The safest way from the north is to take  rt 219 to Somerset and follow the directions above.

The shortest route is "the back way":  If  you are unfamiliar with this route, use the directions from Somerset  instead.  We are located about 6 miles from Rt 985 (at the village of  Sipesville) on the Bakersville-Edie Rd.   Take Rt 219 to the Rt 30  exit.   Go West on Rt 30 to Jenners Crossroads, Then turn left  onto Million Dollar Highway. Continue to T at Rt 985.  Go Left  (south).  Continue until the village of Sipesville (village on  your left) look for signs for Brendle Egg Farm and Edie.  Turn  right onto Bakersville-Edie Road.   Follow this road through the  villages of Edie and Allenvale.  The main road has a double  yellow line. There are some strange turns on this road;  just  "follow the yellow lines" and you will be OK.  The road will  cross over the PA Turn Pike,  Blueberry lane is 1.5 miles after you  cross the Turn Pike on your right.  There is a sign for The Putman Place on the right; turn right, follow  the lane almost to the end (about 1/2 mile).  Our  parking lot is a lawn.   Just look for the red sales hut by  the gardens


GPS : Latitude: 40.060468  Longitude: -79.19677

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