Fresh Flower Cutting Garden

Perennial Garden early June

Flowers in bloom now:

The flower garden is closed for the season and will open in June when things start to bloom.

We have a large cutting garden of annual and perennial flowers and herbs. The flower season runs from mid June through early October. We are  currently growing over 150 different cultivars of flowers.  These are selected by  Sue and started in our greenhouse in late winter.

The majority of the flowers are used by Sue for pre-ordered events like weddings, reunions, house parties.  We only book one wedding/week but can take on other events depending on the time of year and size of the wedding. Any floral material not being used for the pre-ordered jobs is available to the walk-in public from our cooler.

We are no longer allowing cut-your-own flowers.  You are welcome to walk around the cutting garden.

Prices are:  15.00 for a gal  cardboard milk container or 50.00 for a bucket. 

hint: Bring your own bucket for easy  transport home.

For special occasions (weddings, reunions, showers)   we recommend that you contact us early.  After the initial  contact is made (and the event "booked")  the client  visits the garden one to two weeks  before to finalize  the details and prices. We are not booking any additional weddings for the following dates:  June 18, July 23, September 3,17,24, October 8, 2022

The  Putman Place can also be your full service florist  by  creating, delivering and setting up your complete wedding  flowers from ceremony to reception. Click to view current Floral design Price List.

 Some groups choose to  book the flower hut for several hours (40.00/hr  plus cost of materials) and have a design party  here  with a Putman Place design consultant. These  parties work like an arts and craft class ; all materials are  ready to be assembled and we assist you in the entire process of  making your designs. Check out the  Floral Design Page to see some past Putman Place floral  creations.

The Kit:: This is for multiple,  identical table arrangements.   The client tells us how  many arrangements they want to make and loans us one of the  vases that they plan to use (i.e. mason jar).   "The kit "  includes   one arrangement in that container and enough  floral material for the client to make the remaining arrangements.    Prices range from 10.00   to     15.00/ arrangement. 

 We also have available for sale some  popular flower arranging supplies; floral tape, floral foam,  corsage pins and sticks, bouquet holders and can special order  vases and other  supplies.

 For more information on  cutting, handling, arranging, and drying flowers, check out  the Flower Tips page


Early Summer  (Late May and June):

 Perennials: Sweet William, Peony, Lupine,  Painted Daisy (Pyrethrum) ,  Centaurea,  Centaurea  montana,   Siberian Iris,  Dutch Iris,  Baptisia,  Delphinium,  Verbascum,   Coral Bells,  Campanula (Bell Flower),  Veronica,   Coreopsis,  Lambs Ears,   Lychnis,  Geum,  Yarrow (Golden, Mixed Pastels, White)  Fleabane,  Gaillardia,  Wild Daisies , Garden Pinks. 

Annuals:   Feverfew, Calendula, Phlox,  Acroclinium,  Sweet Peas, Cosmos,  Bachelor Buttons. 

Mid Summer (July to Mid August)

 Perennials: Verbascum,  Veronica,  Lambs Ears,  Lilies, Gaillardia,  Yarrow,  Shasta daisy,  Astilbe,  Gypsophila,  Scabiosa,  Pearl Everlasting, Rudbeckia,  Coneflower (White, Purple),  Aster,  Sea Holly (Eryngium),  Liatris,  German Statice,  Sea Lavender,  Monarda, Ox-Eye Daisy,  Cardinal Flower,  Coreopsis,  Globe Thistle, Pearl Everlasting, Crocosmia, Russian  Sage 

 Annuals: Feverfew,  Calendula, Amaranthus  (4 varieties), Acroclinium,  Sweet Peas,  Snapdragon  (3 varieties, many colors) Cosmos)  4 varieties),  Salvia (Blue, Red),  Batchelor Buttons,  Larkspur,  Ageratum, Scabiosa,  Sunflower  (6 varieties),  Gladiolus,   Rudbeckia hirta (4 varieties),  Gomphrena (Globe Amaranth),  Statice,  Celosia (Plumosa, Spicata),  Strawflower,  Zinnia  (5 varieties, many colors), Lavatera, Spanish lavender,  Arctotice,

Late Summer (mid August and September):

 Perennials:  Small Black-eyed Susan,  Monarda,  Scabiosa,  Aster,  Coneflower  (4 varieties),   Rudbeckia  (4 varieties),  Gaillardia, Coreopsis,  Dianthus (Prima Donna),  Delphinium,  Verbascum,  Cardinal Flower, Amaranthus  (4 varieties). 

Annuals:  Larkspur,  Zinnia,  Strawflower, Celosia,  Statice,   Gomphrena, Rudbeckia (4 varieties), Carnation, Gladiolus,  Sunflower(4 varieties),  Scabiosa, Lisianthus,  Ageratum, Bachelor Buttons,  Salvia,  Cosmos,  papyrus, Snapdragons,   Calendula.

Most of our flowers go with the first hard frost.  However, here are some which will bloom beyond frost.  Delphinium, Larkspur,  Bachelor Buttons,  Dianthus,  Perennial Aster,  Gaillardia,  Scabiosa,  Snapdragons,  Salvia,  Calendula,  Rudbeckia,  Coneflower.

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