Asparagus 5.00/lb

Asparagus is a perennial which grows from fleshy roots or crowns.  In Pennsylvania the new spears are harvested during late April, May and June.  In good weather spears may grow 6 inches a day and are harvested when they reach about 9 inches.  Asparagus is picked once or twice a day.    The diameter of the spears has nothing to do with age.  All spears are young when picked, three days old or less.  After the picking season the asparagus is allowed to grow into ferns up to 7 feet tall.   During the summer and fall they store reserve food in the roots for the next growing season.  Our asparagus is snapped, not cut, leaving the tough part in the field.   This means you can use the whole spear without any waste. Immediately after picking, it is cleaned and refrigerated to insure freshness and high quality.

Asparagus in tub

Asparagus recipes and handling tips

Blueberries: 5.00/pt

Blueberries start   in early July and last until early September. We have five different varieties, Bluetta, Blueray,  Bluecrop, Herbert and Elliot, which ripen at different times  throughout   the season.  Blueberries  are available by the pint already picked, however the demand is  often higher than the supply out so it's always a good idea to call ahead to  reserve your blueberries.

Blueberry Recipes


Rhubarb 4.00/lb

Rhubarb is a perennial plant grown in cooler climates.    It has been around for several hundred years, and is sometimes  called "pie plant".   The stems are the edible part; the  leaves are poisonous.   It comes up early in the spring  from a crown of thick roots, grows quickly, and dies back late  in the fall.    Rhubarb is picked only in the spring  and early summer when it is most juicy and the stems are hard  and crisp.   Later the leaves turn yellow and the stems  become soft and it is no longer satisfactory for eating.    In Colonial times it was often used as a spring tonic, as it  is a mild laxative.   It is most often served cooked in  sauce, pies, or cobblers, but some people eat it raw, dipped  in a little salt.   However, it is very tart  (sour),  and most people would rather eat it sweetened.


Rhubarb handling tips and recipes

Fresh Herbs

 Fresh Herb Cutting Garden: We have a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs you can cut yourself or we will cut for you.

In season now are tarragon, chives, bronze fennel, winter savory

We are selling basil plants; the price is 1.00/plant or 5.00/6pack

 Many of these  herbs also work well in cut flower arrangements.

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